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Happiness and joy aren’t outside jobs. 

YOU (and only you) can fill in the pieces that create the life your soul was meant to live.

As your Neurospicy Inclusion Coach, I am focused on enabling self-actualization. 

When we work together:

  • As an empowered human, we will build on our strengths and speak our truth 
  • We become more inclusive and knowledgeable
  • Eliminate personal roadblocks and get “unstuck.”
  • Uncover and overcome crippling generational patterns and beliefs
  • Apply self-compassion while dismantling our conditioning


Meet Terri, the inspiring Neurospicy Inclusion Coach who is revolutionizing the coaching world. A passionate advocate for neurodiversity, Terri is making a real difference by empowering her clients and the coaching community to embrace diversity of minds. Her philosophy is simple yet powerful: inclusivity is key to creating a better society.

Terri’s journey to success wasn’t easy. After hitting rock bottom and burning out, she took the “pill of clarity” and decided to change. Terri remains dedicated to lifelong learning and personal growth, even when faced with challenges. Her commitment to anti-oppression and intersectionality sets her apart as a coach. As a certified member of the Anti-racism and Equity Diversity and Inclusion Awards of Achievement program from the University of British Columbia, Terri understands the complexities of identities and their intersections, particularly in the context of neurodiversity.

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Terri’s impact is profound, rooted in deep compassion and empathy that stems from her journey of self-love and understanding. Although Terri’s lived experience is grounded in the United States, her work has been immensely enhanced by the program at the University of British Columbia.

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching sessions on Zoom, group coaching sessions, in-person or online speaking events, or workshop facilitation, Terri has got you covered. She’s also a co-founder of not one, but two online communities. Terri can help you enhance your personal or professional life.

If you’re looking for a coach who is authentic, passionate and committed to creating a more inclusive society, look no further than Terri, the incredible Neurospicy Inclusion Coach!